Join the Heavenly Host

We hope that you find something in this season's selection of choral music to whet your appetite and inspire you to come and hear us sing. And if you would like to support us further, why not consider joining the Heavenly Host?

Seraphim join the mailing list and receive detailed advance notice of all our forthcoming concerts, both published and previously unannounced. There's no charge for this but an annual donation of £5 will help cover our administration costs.

Angels are entitled to the above benefits, plus seat reservations and complimentary programmes at any concerts we promote ourselves. In return we request an annual donation of £25.

If, however, you'd like to become a fully-fledged Archangel then we can offer all the benefits listed above, plus two free tickets to a concert of your choice in the season and two drinks on us at each concert you attend. In return we request an annual donation of £75.

If you would like to swell the ranks of the Heavenly Host, please email, indicating which level you would like to join.

North Cotswold Chamber Choir
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